Having a home security system is the first step to making your home smart. It gives the homeowner a lot of control around the home even in their absence. Even some of the inexpensive home security systems have features that make life away from home more stress-free. Whether it is a do-it-yourself system or a professionally installed one, you are sure to be living in the moment and not constantly worried about what you may find or not find when you return home. Having a home security system has many benefits including:

Provides yourself and your family with peace of mind

When your loved ones are protected by a home security system you are able to make room for peace of mind and go on about your day care-free. The system can be used to monitor children, the elderly and their caretakers for accountability’s sake. In case of any emergencies, the appropriate authorities are immediately notified and everything will be sorted.

Your valuables are protected

In case of any intruder or break-in attempt, an alarm will be set off to scare off potential burglars. Other systems will also alert the police and/or dispatch a unit from your security company to have your home checked out. All suspicious activities and persons are reported and taken care of, assuring you that threats are dealt with accordingly.

Remote surveillance

Technology has made great strides in that you can check the security cameras feed strategically placed around your home through your mobile devices and applications. The homeowner can therefore remotely trigger alarms and send a unit to their house if they see suspicious activities or individuals unknown lurking close to their homes.

Remote control

The same technological advances mentioned above have ushered in a new kind of control on doors where you don’t have to stop what you are doing to open the door instead of by the simple tap of a button on your handset, you can remotely open it.

Lowers your homeowner’s insurance

Having a system in place can lower your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20 percent. Considering that you are purchasing a system also, it’s an effective use of money.

Fire, smoke and gas detection

You have the option to received smoke notifications or carbon monoxide alarms when you are away from home which will enable you to alert responsible authorities to these emergencies. The system can also respond according to by turning on the sprinkler system.

Save on energy costs

The latest in home security systems has cool features that allow you to monitor energy usage and shut off utilities you may have forgotten to switch off when you left a room without having to go back into the room. You can also change your lighting, temperate and control other aspects of your mobile device.

Creates a safe neighborhood

A study by Rutgers showed that the more security systems present in an area, the less likely it was to be burglarized, including the homes that did not have any systems in place.