Is Your Home Security System Serving you well?

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When most homeowners have security systems in place, they hope that this will deter a would-be criminal from committing a crime in their property. Homeowners have more confidence when the system has an alarm. But most complain that police response is a bit slow especially in the big cities. Whenever there is fire or a huge storm that damages your home, your security system should give an alert. The more monitoring fee you pay on a monthly basis, the better the features of the system should be.

Why do you need a Security System?

It’s interesting to find out that a home security system will not only be of benefit to you, but also to the neighborhood at large. If burglars discovered that every home or most homes have security systems in place, the crime rate will decrease.

The other reason why you need a security system in place is that you get a discount with your insurance company. An insurance company will evaluate the system and give a discount based on how sophisticated it is.

Additional Ways to Monitor Your Home

When investing in a home security system, you should think beyond security. Think about other possible features that may enhance the security and the safety in your home. Will the smoke detector go off when necessary? Does the system have heat sensors? Does it include fire alarms? A system that will tell you when someone tries to open a specific cabinet such as the one you keep your liquor in! There is so much you can get with a home alarm system.

Why are Police Responses Slow?

You may have heard a homeowner complain that the police response was slow when an alarm went off in their property. By the time the police came, the burglars had already left with some valuables. Low priority burglaries and false alarms are some of the reasons police do not respond quickly to alarms. Having frequent false alarms is a cost itself. It is chargeable thus it should be highly avoided.

A home security system is not all about keeping burglars away. It’s about giving you peace of mind especially when you are away from home. When you pay that monthly monitoring fee, you should have an assurance that your money is not going to waste. Besides making burglars leave your property quickly, you can monitor those in the house and any other issue that may happen at home such as fire problems.

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Priority Areas to Install Surveillance Cameras in Your Home

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When one has not taken the necessary measures to stay safe, they are vulnerable to the high rates of crime in the world today. Technology has advanced in a significant way and monitoring your home while away has become quite easy.

In fact, most homeowners prefer installing security systems is contrary to having a security guard. There are various important things that you should consider before installing surveillance cameras in your home.

Decide the Best Camera

There are varieties of surveillance cameras that you can choose from depending on your needs thus, you need to decide which the best option for your home is. They include but not limited to night-vision and weather resistant cameras.

Strategic Areas to Position the Cameras

A camera is helpful when placed in a strategic area. You cannot place them just anywhere. No matter how expensive a camera is and its purpose only positioning it in the right area will make it effective. Installing them in the right areas helps in capturing the most vulnerable places of your home without interferences.

The Front Door

Most people will use the front door to come to your house. This includes impersonators who will win your heart to get into your house. One camera should be placed where it monitors those coming to your house but should not be placed too low making them easy to incapacitate.

The Back Door

There are people who will try to get into your house through the back door when they believe there are high chances they will get caught passing through the front door. Have a camera that will monitor the entire place.

The Main Gate and the Exteriors

In most cases, homeowners focus on areas where people get into their homes. They ignore areas such as the garage, the perimeter wall among other areas. These are also places where intruders can get into your home undetected. The main gate should be monitored.

The Backyard

The backyard is a perfect spot where intruders can come through to your home. As you focus on the front areas of the house, do not neglect the backyard.

Remember that a surveillance camera will not be useful if you do not place it in a strategic area. Security cameras will play a role in preventing burglary or in identifying a criminal. Although these areas should be a priority when installing security cameras, it is advisable that you consider every part of your home.

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Simple Guide To Choosing A Residential Security System

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Are you currently looking for a residential security system for your home? If yes then this article is for you. It can be very difficult for you to choose a security system for your home because you don’t know much about them. Buying the first one that catches your attention is not really a good idea because it may not be able to effectively handle your security needs.

In order to choose a good one, you have to do a lot of research and ask some questions. In this article, we are going to be discussing some things you should look out for when choosing a residential security system.

Identifying The Areas In Your Home That Need Protection

When you know the areas of your home to that is vulnerable, you will be able to determine the best security system you can install to address it. Take an assessment of the security gaps around your home. The result of your assessment will help you determine if the security system you have in mind will be able to handle your needs.

Choosing Security Cameras

A security camera is an excellent technology that has played a significant role in our lives. For starters, it helps to capture crimes that are happening in our locality. It also provides evidence of the things that are happening at your residence. The footage from these cameras can help you decide the best action you should take when your security alarm is triggered.

Smoke and Fire Detectors

You can choose to install a smoke or a fire detector in your home. These systems will help to monitor your home and give you an instant alert when something goes wrong. Installing a fire security system in any part of your home is not really wise. What you should do therefore is to install it in areas that are prone to catch fire.


Motion Sensors

Motions sensors are the best devices that are used to detect any type of movements that takes place inside or around your home. In the event that somebody breaks into your home, this system is going to trigger an alarm. Most motion detection systems become activated when someone comes very close to your doorbell. Some may come in the form of detector light, that alert homeowners if there is an intruder trying to break in.

Finding a good security system for your home is never easy, but if you consider the points discussed in this article you will be in a better position to buy one that will be able to handle your needs.

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Proven tips that will help you protect your home from a wildfire.

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A wildfire takes no prisoners. It consumes any and everything in its path. If your home is in a region where there a constant wildfire outbreak you likely are going to be concerned about how you are going to keep your home safe.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some proven tips that will help you keep your home safe in the event of a wildfire.

  1. Remove debris and combustible materials from your home.

This is definitely one of the most important tips that could help keep your home safe from a wildfire. Remove all items or debris that is combustible around your home. You can also set up defenses around your property that will prevent a wildfire from getting a clear path into your home.

  1. Ensure that your vent openings and eaves are properly secured

The reason why you should keep your vent secured at all times is that embers can easily fly into it and start a fire inside your home. If your property is properly screened, the chances of an ember entering it and starting a fire will be very slim. Paying attention to small details like this could help prevent a fire from engulfing your home.

  1. Protect your roof

The part of every house that is most vulnerable to fire is the roof. What you should do here is to use fire-resistant materials to make your roof better able to resist fire. If your roof is made up of wood, it best you upgrade it to a more fire resistant material.

Of course, it is going to be expensive, but in the long run, it is going to serve you very well.

  1. Make your home fire resistant

The fact that you can design your home on your own, gives you the window to add some fire prevention measure to it. First, you have to ensure that the road leading to your home is motorable. So that emergency vehicles can have access to it in the event of a fire outbreak.

Having a sprinkler in your home is definitely a good idea but of course, someone needs to turn them on. Having a water source close by is going to make the job of firefighters easier in the event of a wildfire.

If you apply all the tips in this article, you can be confident that your home will safe during a wildfire outbreak.

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Benefits of Having Home Security System

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Having a home security system is the first step to making your home smart. It gives the homeowner a lot of control around the home even in their absence. Even some of the inexpensive home security systems have features that make life away from home more stress-free. Whether it is a do-it-yourself system or a professionally installed one, you are sure to be living in the moment and not constantly worried about what you may find or not find when you return home. Having a home security system has many benefits including:

Provides yourself and your family with peace of mind

When your loved ones are protected by a home security system you are able to make room for peace of mind and go on about your day care-free. The system can be used to monitor children, the elderly and their caretakers for accountability’s sake. In case of any emergencies, the appropriate authorities are immediately notified and everything will be sorted.

Your valuables are protected

In case of any intruder or break-in attempt, an alarm will be set off to scare off potential burglars. Other systems will also alert the police and/or dispatch a unit from your security company to have your home checked out. All suspicious activities and persons are reported and taken care of, assuring you that threats are dealt with accordingly.

Remote surveillance

Technology has made great strides in that you can check the security cameras feed strategically placed around your home through your mobile devices and applications. The homeowner can therefore remotely trigger alarms and send a unit to their house if they see suspicious activities or individuals unknown lurking close to their homes.

Remote control

The same technological advances mentioned above have ushered in a new kind of control on doors where you don’t have to stop what you are doing to open the door instead of by the simple tap of a button on your handset, you can remotely open it.

Lowers your homeowner’s insurance

Having a system in place can lower your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20 percent. Considering that you are purchasing a system also, it’s an effective use of money.

Fire, smoke and gas detection

You have the option to received smoke notifications or carbon monoxide alarms when you are away from home which will enable you to alert responsible authorities to these emergencies. The system can also respond according to by turning on the sprinkler system.

Save on energy costs

The latest in home security systems has cool features that allow you to monitor energy usage and shut off utilities you may have forgotten to switch off when you left a room without having to go back into the room. You can also change your lighting, temperate and control other aspects of your mobile device.

Creates a safe neighborhood

A study by Rutgers showed that the more security systems present in an area, the less likely it was to be burglarized, including the homes that did not have any systems in place.

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How to Secure Your Home When You Travel

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When you’re far away from home together with your family, it’s always a smart idea to secure your home. Same goes for people who live alone and don’t have anyone watching over their home when they travel.

No matter if you want to travel somewhere or take a vacation, security is a must. This is how you properly secure your home from burglars and possible damage.

Keep Your Mailbox Empty

It’s obvious that you can’t keep your mailbox empty while you’re away. What we suggest is to ask for a trustful neighbor or a friend to pick up your mail. Why? As you may assume, a full mailbox or a huge pile of mail in front of your entry door is a clear sign that there’s no one home. Make sure you take care of that sign.

Create the Illusion There is Someone Home

Before you travel, leave the lights on, play some music or leave your TV on. That way you will create the illusion that there’s someone home. Burglars will think twice before they try to break into your home.

Ask a Friend or Neighbor to Randomly Check your Home

However, be careful who you put in charge of your home’s security. You never know who your enemy is or what people you know are prepared to do. Ask for a trustworthy friend or neighbor to check up on your home from time to time. And make sure you mention not to make it obvious while they do the checking.

Be Careful of Checking-in on Social Networks

People’s biggest mistake is publishing their current location on social networks. We’ve previously mentioned that you never know who your enemy is, so you better keep your travel information private. Stay on the safe side and share your thoughts or photos after you get back.

Protect Your Home from Possible Damages

Unplug the unnecessary appliances like toaster, coffee maker, and other devices to prevent your home from possible fire damage. If it’s winter, make sure your thermostat keeps the place warm enough to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Hide Your Hidden Keys or Take Them With You

Unless you leave them to your trustworthy friend or neighbor, hide the hidden keys you keep somewhere around the house. Or take them with you, which is a smarter idea considering the fact that no one will need spare keys.

Purchase a Fire/Water Proof Safe to Secure Your Valuables

When you travel, you have two options – to take your valuables with you or lock them up in a safe. If you chose to lock them up, buy a fire proof safe and change the code before you leave. And don’t forget to notify your alarm company that you’re leaving so they can keep an eye on your property.

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