Home security is one of the most important things everyone should keep in mind before purchasing any property. Let’s just say there’s a responsibility that comes with owning a home. You’re not only supposed to keep your property secure but also keep your family and any other person in your home safe. The major aspects of protecting a home include investing in good locks and securing entryways and exits.

To ensure your home is secure and safe, the first thing to do is investing in the right equipment. We both know that there are much different equipments in the market today and it may be challenging to know the right ones to adopt first. Here are some of the home security essentials you should implement as a homeowner at the earliest opportunity possible.

New Locks

Before you even consider any other security system, start by replacing the locks on your house, especially if you’re a long-time resident. This may also apply to anyone who has just moved to a new home. It’s recommended to rekey new locks to change the keys that open them. If you have old, flimsy locks, be sure to replace them as well. Don’t continue using the same locks that were being used by previous tenants. Experts recommend installing smart locks for backdoors and front doors or any other locks that you could be using more frequently. Smart locks allow you to use a smart device to either lock or unlock your room or house remotely.

Automated Lighting and Light Timers

Despite the fact that you may need a light timer every other day, it may be useful especially when you’re away from your home for more than a day. These timers help in securing a home by allowing the homeowner to set his or her lights to either pre-determined or random pattern. Sounds like a good way to ward off burglars, right? They are more energy efficient and will save you money on energy bills. Automated lighting makes it appear as though there’s someone in your home, even when there’s no one.

Security Systems

There are many different security systems in the market today. Each security system comes with its own features. Homeowners who have a limited budget often install self-monitored and unmonitored security systems. A self-monitored security system functions by alerting the homeowner through a smart device in the event of an intrusion. If you want a system that will notify the authorities or any other emergency service, you may consider installing a monitored security system. Though a monitored system comes with a monthly fee, it allows for the integration of other safety features within your home. Security systems, in this case, include certified alarm systems, security cameras, and a doorbell camera.

Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Most of only think of outside threats whenever home security is mentioned. Well, some threats may just come from your home and cause serious damage or even death. Installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will provide your family and home with extra safety.