When your home is a big target of theft, you must consider the most effective security system. This is especially when it’s an area with a high crime rate. When most burglars want to get into your home, the first point of entry that comes to mind is the window. They consider this an easy point and one that they won’t be seen easily. One way to enhance home security is by having glass break sensors.

How Does Glass Break Sensor Work?

Just like its name, this works by alerting you when glass in your home is shattered. This electronic burglar alarm either notifies the authorities or sounds an audio alarm. This will enhance the level of security in your home. One thing that you must keep in mind is that it must be used with a specific security system.

When to Disarm the Glass Break Detectors

These sensors are quite ‘sensitive’. The alarm will go off even when the windows of the house are not broken. Dishes breaking, glasses dropping, a glass shattering in a movie and loud music are some of the other things that can trigger the sensors. Thus, at times, it is wise to disarm them. Despite disarming it at times being crucial, it is highly recommended that you remember to re-arm it to serve its purpose.

The Benefit of Installing

There are many benefits of installing a glass break sensor than just having it to alert you. It reacts, alerting the authorities and with minimal response time, it will be possible to catch the thieves. On the other hand, once it triggers the alarm, the would-be thieves are deterred from going further.

How Many Devices Are Needed

Probably you are wondering if you will need multiple devices to cover the entire home. All you will need is to have a comprehensive security system in place and you can add the glass break sensors to it. Whether you can use single or multiple sensors depend on the layout of your home. If the space between the windows is big, multiple devices will be required and if not, one would be enough. The radius of the microphone should not be far.

It gives peace of mind to know that you have enhanced your home security. Regardless of how small a glass break detector is, it plays a significant role in boosting the level of home security. It is effective when monitoring display windows; bedrooms, bathroom and basement windows.