When you’re far away from home together with your family, it’s always a smart idea to secure your home. Same goes for people who live alone and don’t have anyone watching over their home when they travel.

No matter if you want to travel somewhere or take a vacation, security is a must. This is how you properly secure your home from burglars and possible damage.

Keep Your Mailbox Empty

It’s obvious that you can’t keep your mailbox empty while you’re away. What we suggest is to ask for a trustful neighbor or a friend to pick up your mail. Why? As you may assume, a full mailbox or a huge pile of mail in front of your entry door is a clear sign that there’s no one home. Make sure you take care of that sign.

Create the Illusion There is Someone Home

Before you travel, leave the lights on, play some music or leave your TV on. That way you will create the illusion that there’s someone home. Burglars will think twice before they try to break into your home.

Ask a Friend or Neighbor to Randomly Check your Home

However, be careful who you put in charge of your home’s security. You never know who your enemy is or what people you know are prepared to do. Ask for a trustworthy friend or neighbor to check up on your home from time to time. And make sure you mention not to make it obvious while they do the checking.

Be Careful of Checking-in on Social Networks

People’s biggest mistake is publishing their current location on social networks. We’ve previously mentioned that you never know who your enemy is, so you better keep your travel information private. Stay on the safe side and share your thoughts or photos after you get back.

Protect Your Home from Possible Damages

Unplug the unnecessary appliances like toaster, coffee maker, and other devices to prevent your home from possible fire damage. If it’s winter, make sure your thermostat keeps the place warm enough to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Hide Your Hidden Keys or Take Them With You

Unless you leave them to your trustworthy friend or neighbor, hide the hidden keys you keep somewhere around the house. Or take them with you, which is a smarter idea considering the fact that no one will need spare keys.

Purchase a Fire/Water Proof Safe to Secure Your Valuables

When you travel, you have two options – to take your valuables with you or lock them up in a safe. If you chose to lock them up, buy a fire proof safe and change the code before you leave. And don’t forget to notify your alarm company that you’re leaving so they can keep an eye on your property.